Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Spaghetti Western starring Mario Batali

I had a craptastic day at work yesterday. You know how sometimes you get so angry at a family member or your S.O. and you scream “I hate you,” knowing fully well that you can take it back in a few hours? You just need that cathartic release of anger. You should be able to quit your job and take it back. I wanted to quit soooooo badly yesterday, but then when I thought of the reality of cleaning out my desk, it just seemed like too much effort. So, I decided to remain at my job out of sheer desk-cleaning laziness.

A terrible day calls for serious comfort food. Comfort food is universal in its effect, yet totally individual. Everybody has their own comfort food. Some like the rib-sticking effect of fried chicken and waffles, while others like the heavy creaminess of mashed potatoes. Usually, comfort food is dense, bringing the consumer to a blissful food coma. It can be associated with a memory, or it can just be plain yummy.

My usual go-to comfort food is thai curry, but lacking coconut milk and the energy to buy some, I searched for an equally comforting food. Hmmm. I had ground turkey. I had pasta. Spaghetti and meatballs! Perfect in its familiarity and simplicity.

Reader: But surely such an average, everyday meal doesn’t deserve its own post!
Me: Say what? You best not be doubting my blogging editorial skills!
Reader: Dude, you make that meal like once a month. Bo-o-o-ring.
Me: Okay, fine. I’ll make it different. I’ll, um, I’ll make my own sauce.
Reader: But I thought you said you were feeling crappy and lazy.
Me: You’re right. Luckily, I have this sauce recipe from Mario Batali that looks stupid-easy.
Reader: Stupid-easy?
Me: Yup. That’s what I said. Um, right after I got off yo mama. Yeah.
Reader: Wow, you’re lame. And this imaginary conversation has gone on for way too long.

So, tonight’s meal: Whole wheat spaghetti with turkey meatballs in Mario Batali’s Basic Tomato Sauce

Yumminess Here
Okay, since I never follow any recipe to the letter, I changed the sauce a bit. I didn’t have any thyme, so I added a pinch of sage and some basil. I also don’t have a grater, so I chopped my carrot finely rather than shredding it. Despite these setbacks, the sauce was amazing. So simple, yet so comforting. Just like my imaginary italian grandma used to make (played by Tony Danza. Or Judi Dench). I also discovered the joy of crushing tomatoes. Screw anger management or kickboxing. Crushing tomatoes is where it’s at.

Easy comfort food. So much better than a box of instant mac and cheese.


Tood said...

Learning to use canned tomatoes is on my agenda. I bought a can once and made a topping for bruschetta, which I was going to serve to you til you didn't come, and it was ok, but I need to know how to use them better. Maybe I just needed more salt.

krys said...

Did you use canned diced tomatoes? You may have needed a tad bit of salt. Or garlic. I probably would have put way too much on.

Tood said...

They were hole. They did need salt and garlic. After I seasoned the heck out of them and put them with almost an equal portion of chopped onion, I had a pretty good topping for bruschetta.