Friday, February 10, 2006

Mmmm...Tasty Literature...

Vosges chocolate is personally one of my favorite chocolate-mongers. They specialize in creating unusual and tasty flavor combinations, like chocolate with Indian curry, or their absinthe flavored truffle. This Valentine’s Day, they offer their Gatsby collection.

I feel like receiving these chocolates is a little like getting a box of dead roses. It's a rather cynical gesture of amorous affection. Sure, on the surface, The Great Gatsby seems to be an epic story about this great lost love, but its actual commentary on the opulence and shallowness of the upper class is rather dark. Gatsby was an idealistic moron who never truly loved Daisy. He loved what she represented, and he changed himself through crime to become worthy of this ho who ran off with another dude. Not exactly an epic romance.

However, the chocolates themselves are apt, if not a bit boring for Vosges. The Gatsby chocolates are a fusion of dark chocolate, rich and at the same time pure, with brut champagne. The Daisy truffles are a combination of white chocolate (which isn’t even technically chocolate due to its lack of chocolate liquor) and pink champagne- creating a truffle that seems extravagant, but has the connotation of being false and a bit tacky.

It seems like I’m being unnecessarily harsh on Vosges. If my experience with Vosges is any indicator, the truffles are probably incredibly tasty. If I ever happen to try them (hint, hint to all my strapping young suitors out there), I’ll slap up an update.

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