Friday, February 03, 2006

mmm... Cajeta...

This candy bar was introduced in 2004, but I am rather behind in my candy news. Hershey teamed up with Latin pop sensation Thalia Sodi (best known to me as the only Mrs. Tommy Mottola to have her own Kmart clothes line- take that Mariah!) to create a line of candy called “La Dulceria Thalia.” The candy bar that intrigues me so is this:

The bar is named “Cajeta Elegancia,” because in Mexico, cajeta is like nougat, a core ingredient in the bar. However, in other Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina, “cajeta” has a more nether meaning. It’s common slang for a woman’s lower anatomy. Her “box” if you will.

Look! It made Money Magazine’s top 101 list of dumbest moments in business!

dumb dumb dumb

In an attempt to elevate the discourse on this blog, I am abstaining from making a snide remark about this nomenclatorial blunder.

By the way, according to Hershey, Thalia’s “Cajeta” is kosher.

Hershey's Kosher Info


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