Friday, February 10, 2006

A Little Behind on the Times

A good friend of mine had quite a night last weekend. It basically involved him losing his keys, and going from party to party in hopes of finding food or a nice couch to crash on. One of these parties turned out to be a “crack den” as he puts it. He met one gentleman who is apparently a very good chef, and he told him that the inside scoop for 2006 is that foam is the hip new trend. You heard it hear first folks: foam.

Oh wait, that was the hip, new trend in 1999. Um. Maybe I shouldn’t get my food trend information from crack dens.


Tood said...

Last night I met a guy who is in New York for a few days to visit culinary schools. He doesn't like msg (or ether, for what it's worth) so I doubt he'll get very far.

krys said...

He obviously doesn't care about the taste of deliciousness.