Thursday, June 21, 2007


Okay, I just need to take a timeout and express how friggin' excited I am for Ratatouille.

I really think that KFC is missing out not having a promotional tie-in. Rats are somewhat synonymous with the Colonel. I wonder if McDonald's will.

Here is a glimpse of what kind of merchandise is going to be available. There's a radio control Remy. Perfect for my kitchen! Or I could just go down the street and see the real things, but I somehow doubt any of them have aspirations of being chefs.

Check out the preview here. I can't wait for June 29th! I totally seem like a shill here, but I don't care. Adorable pixar rats + a film about cooking = an excited Krys.

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Dan said...

Glad you're pumped up for this one Krys... I'll expect a review on the blog. Though I have to question the logic of having to put the pronunciation of your film's title in the ads!