Friday, June 01, 2007

Pacifico - Brooklyn Mexican Madness (Part Three)

Okay, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back from Iceland, but between work and enjoying the warm weather in NYC, I’ve been severely neglecting this blog. NO MORE! I hit my work deadlines this week, so by george, I will start updating again! I promise! You believe me, right? I really don’t lie very often (and when I do, you can totally tell), so my intentions are sincere.

Vacation was wonderful, but it was really nice to be back home in Brooklyn. So nice in fact, that it was cause for celebration. What does that mean, boys and girls?


We first tried Pacifico about a year ago, and were pleasantly surprised. The margaritas were nice and we fell in love with the casual outdoor space. Unfortunately, our experience this time wasn’t as great.


The outdoor space is still pretty awesome. Apparently, they have a backyard, but I’ve only sat in the front. I like the kitschy string lights and seemingly uncontrived messiness. That’s how I roll. I like things kitschy and messy.

Since this is the year of the pig, I ordered a burrito with their pork carnitas. I made a point in asking about the type of beans in the burrito. While I enjoy beans in all their incarnations, I looove black beans in a burrito. I was assured that there were indeed black beans, and so my decision was swayed from the fish tacos, my backup choice.


The burrito was about the size of my calf. Okay, maybe not that long, but the girth was impressive (that’s what she said). I dug in, and was struck by two things: the pork was pretty bland and THOSE BEANS AREN’T BLACK! I haven’t been so disappointed in a burrito since the Democratic party lost the presidential election. (Think about that for a while. The joke totally worked in my head.) The price was roughly $8, which is about the same price as a Chipotle burrito, which is the same size and tastier.


I’m a trooper, so I ate it anyway. Q ordered the yardbird enchiladas, which looked fantastic, but also suffered from being a little too bland.

I still think the outdoor space at Pacifico is great, and it lends itself well to sipping margaritas and munching nachos in the sun with friends. Even if the food was mildly disappointing, I’m still drawn by the temptation of cheese and tequila. It’s in my blood.

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Tood said...

I got the joke before even getting to the sentence pointing out that it was a joke.