Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unidentified Flying Chickens

After reading an article in NYT about Korean fried chicken, Q became a man obsessed. I'm always up for a food adventure, so we trekked out to Jackson Heights (the Village of Commerce). Tucked away on Roosevelt Ave, is a little portal into THE FUTURE!

Okay, maybe not, but UFC, which stands for Unidentified Flying Chickens, is very mod and futuristic in d├ęcor. This is perhaps a bit misleading because with such technological advances, the food must by prepared by a quick death-ray blast, right? Not exactly. The chicken is cooked to order, and the method is slower than American deep-frying, so the wait for our order was about a half-hour for our soy-garlic wings and drumsticks. If you don't like to wait, then this isn't the place for you. On the other hand, if you're not a crybaby, and you don't mind waiting for tasty, quality food that isn't pre-cooked or waiting under heat lamps, then check it out!

We ordered a small size, which was just perfect for two people (although next time, I'll probably get a large). The skin was paper-thin and crispy with a delicious salty/sweet glaze. The chicken comes with an order of pickled radishes, and I cannot stress enough how friggin awesome that combination is. So, so good. We also ordered some hand-cut fries, but in all the hustle and bustle that comes after a Times review, they got lost. The staff was super-apologetic and even offered us some more chicken, which in retrospect we should have taken, but the fries eventually came. I'll just stick to the bird and the radishes next time. The place seemed to be pretty busy, but I hope that people learn to exercise a little patience and give the place a shot while they work out some kinks. If UFC gets a liquor license and pairs their wings with beer, I just may have to move to Queens.

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