Monday, February 12, 2007


Rick Bayless is one of the creepiest men on PBS, and that's saying a lot. His eyes bore into your soul, as he delivers his cooking tidbits with such a knowing smile that you're positive "tortilla" must be an innuendo. The man knows his Mexican food though. I have yet to buy one of his cookbooks, and, as I previously mentioned, I can't watch his show without showering repeatedly, so I was excited when I found one of his recipes through the safety of the internet. Nothing pervy ever happens in cyberspace.

I was searching for pumpkin something, because pumpkin is one of my all-time comfort foods, and I was yearning for some squashy goodness. Spicy grilled chicken with pumpkin mole sauce caught my eye, and I wasn't going to let to cold weather or my lack of a grill stop me from mole pleasure.

The actual chicken is pretty tasty on it's own, thanks to a chipotle glaze, but the mole is the true star of the dish. The pumpkin flavor is subtle, more an afternote than anything, but the peppers make it flavorful and warm.

Be forewarned, this makes a ton of mole. Delicious, spicy, creamy mole. I used the leftovers as a condiment on turkey burgers the next night, and dipped some sweet potato fries in it. However, this dish had the unfortunate side effect of making me a total creep. I kept moaning the entire night about my creamy mole. Maybe this isn't the dish to make for company.

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