Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Big Pig in the City

So, last Saturday, our friend Amanda alerted us to a free pig roast at a local bar. Free? Pork? I’m there. The Cherry Tree is a local bar located on the outer edges of Park Slope. It seemed harmless enough from the outside, and when we strolled in at 9:30 it was downright comfy. They had a nice beer selection including taps from SixPoint and Red Hook, and a great backyard, full of little caverns to sit and commiserate in.

Then it happened. The repetitive beat of the music stopped the beat of my heart. Justin Timberlake was bringing sexy back, and my hips began to spasm out of fear. Apparently this had the same effect on the rest of the clientele. I haven’t seen that much dry-humping since my 6th grade Spring Social. My friends and I made a quick escape to the back of the bar and were greeted by the smell of roasting pork.

Even though I had already eaten, I can always clear some room for free pork. After carving up the little fella, the chef seasoned the meat lightly with a little salt and maybe something else... cayenne, perhaps? I dunno. It could have used a little sauce, but hey, it was free! And it went so well with some SixPoint Sweet Action. After having our fill, we made our epic journey past the bumping and grinding teenagers, and were deposited out on chilly 4th avenue. Our faces were cold, but our bellies were warm.

That’ll do, Pig.

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