Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Taste of Chinatown 2007: The Zongzi Debacle

Last weekend was the annual Spring Taste of Chinatown. Tasty morsels for $1-$2? You know I'm there. Apparently, half of New York had the same idea. The area was a tad more crowded than usual, perhaps because the weather was actually Springlike for the first time this year.


We decided to start our eating spree with zongzis, or sticky-rice tamales. We sidled on up to Nom Wah Tea Parlor and began to devour everything we could.



I remember eating their huge almond cookies last year, so this time I just stuck with savory goods. Lovingly unwrapping the tamale (is there any other way?), I took a bite. Mmmm pork. Mmmm peanuts. Mmmmm glutonous rice. Mmmm... wait. What the? I didn't realize the filling contained egg. Not just egg, but that hard-boiled cooked egg texture. Now, I'm not a picky eater by any means. There are only three foods that I actively dislike: mushrooms, bananas, and eggs, and I can even be persuaded to enjoy them in the right situation. However, I cannot stand hard-boiled eggs. I hate them with all the passion of a thousand drunken Mel Gibsons. They fool you into thinking their harmless, with their fluffy yellow yolk and their oft-decorated shells, but no. They are nasty.


There's a story that my father loves to tell all the friggin' time. When I was a wee Krys, I was served a big bowl of creamy whiteness at a restaurant. My face was lit up, and I eagerly dug my spoon in. My face instantly fell into an expression of disappointment and betrayal. The vanilla ice cream I had gleefully anticipated was in fact mashed potatoes. I was having major flashbacks with my egg-filled tamale. Sigh. Next time, I'll be sure to check the ingredients. To cleanse my palate, I decided to get some peking duck.


The line at the Peking Duck House was probably the longest at the event. We waited about 15 minutes to dig into our little chinese burritos filled generously with duck, cucumber, and whole scallions. Soooo good. I think that ordering the peking duck on a regular visit is a bit pricey, so the chance to get a taste for $2 is definitely worth it.


I wanted to eat more, but it was getting crowded, and I had errands to run. I can't wait until the Fall Taste of Chinatown event.

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