Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bread Alone - Lemon-Scented Memories on a Rainy Day

Welp, we are in the middle of a Nor-easter here in New York. In APRIL. Fortunately, there's no snow, but there is quite a bit of rain... so lots of PBS and hot cocoa for me! I appreciate sundays where I stay all day in my pajamas, but I'm kinda getting a little cabin fever. I'm also a little nervous that this rain is killing my new purchases from yesterday. Herbs!

I've never really had plants before, so I don't exactly have a green thumb, but I figured I'd try to keep rosemary, thyme, and cilantro alive in a little herb collection. If they die, then I'll know that I'm an unfit mother that can't have a puppy someday. If they live, then I'll have handy-dandy herbs at my culinary disposal! Only time shall tell. I hope they're okay. Water is supposed to be good for them, right? And they're under the overhang thingee in the back, so they're a bit sheltered.

The herbs (I haven't named them yet) were a bit of an impulse buy from the farmer's market at the Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope. There weren't too many veggies out yet, but the market was in full swing.


Two years ago, Q and I celebrated an anniversary up in the Catskills. While we were there, we fell in love with a local bakery called Bread Alone. They have delicious muffins and danishes, and their Woodstock location seemed to be incredibly popular among the locals. When we came back to NYC, we noticed that Bread Alone seemed to be at every freakin' greenmarket in the city! So naturally, I always find myself at their stand on saturdays, trying something new each time.


Behold my lemon and currant scone from Bread Alone! So tasty! So light and summery, which was perfect on a sunny, semi-warm Saturday. For my own sanity, I hope we have nice weather like that again soon. I'm really running out of things to annoy Q with.

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