Monday, March 12, 2007

Ode to Brunch

We awoke one morning, and thought of brunch
We needed tastiness on which to munch

"Didn't I hear about a place in Brooklyn North?
Quick! To Greenpoint! We shall go forth!"

After a quick jaunt on the G subway
We reached our destination. Hurray!

The joint was jumping at Brooklyn Label
We sat at the bar; there was no free table

I was so happy for I could see the kitchen
And the coffee was hot and fresh. Bitchin'!

Q decided upon the Chili Colorado
But we were in Brooklyn! Not Colorado!

Peppers and pork topped with poached eggs
Tasted so good, Q couldn't feel his legs

Luckily we were seated, about to eat
Limbs were not needed nor were our feet

What did I order? The poet that I am?
Of course, I ordered Green Eggs.. no ham.

Soft eggs, pesto, and spinach so fine
Such sweet richness was mine, all mine!

So if you find yourself in Greenpoint and have the time
Eat tasty brunch, and prepare to rhyme.

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