Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Back and I'm Here to Stay

The last few months have been a bit work-heavy to say the least. Months of spreadsheets, emails, and business trips have a way of making you forget that the computer can be your friend, and not just a conduit for frustration and a test of patience. While I still eat out (a lot), cook (a lot), and take pictures (not as often, but still, kinda a lot), I just haven’t had the desire to put words to my experiences.

Work has been taking a lot out of me. To make a long story short, my department is relocating to a different city, and I was offered a position there. My hard work was being recognized, and it was an opportunity that I should have seriously considered, especially in this shaky economy. I was being asked to either give up my job or give up my home. I really love my job. I truly do. I take pride in the feeling that I am making a difference in the work that I do, and a great deal of my self-worth is based on this sense of accomplishment.

I’m not ready to leave yet.

I love my Brooklyn kitchen.


I don’t think there is any color in the color spectrum that is more comforting than the maroon of my kitchen walls.

I love Chinatown. I love reading descriptions of dishes like “Shrimp in Pumping Sauce.”


I love that a liquor store can claim to be AS OLD AS HILLS.


I love that you can get your candy, and then eat it inside Fat Baby.


I love that no matter what my day is like, there is always something here that makes me smile.

So my last day at my company is a few months away. I have no idea what I’m going to do next, and that doesn’t freak me out. I’ll figure it out. I’m just happy that I’m staying in New York.


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johanna said...

Oh my goodness. Well, I am glad you're staying too. Congratulations on the offer, nonetheless. Also, your kitchen looks so spacious! I can imagine how cooking must be a delight.