Friday, May 18, 2007

Vitabar: Stinky Salvation in Reykjavik

I like stinky foods. There, I've said it. Garlic. Stinky cheese. Onions. I like being able to smell the food on my breath hours after I've eaten it. I know after you eat a particularly pungent food, it's proper etiquette to chew a piece of gum afterwards to ensure your companions retain consciousness. I'm just too selfish to place my friends' need for oxygen over the tasty flavor in my mouth.

To say that the forget-me-not burger at Vitabar located in downtown Reykjavik was stinky is like saying that Paris Hilton is skanky. True, but an understatement. Topped with garlic sauce and copious amounts of blue cheese, this burger ensured that everybody we met that night would remember us.


The patty was thin, but juicy. Also, Vitabar offers a combo special with a cheeseburger and fries for only 650 ISK (about $10 USD), making Vitabar one of the best food deals around. The cheeseburger was topped with a hamburger sauce that seemed omnipresent in Iceland, and it tasted an awfully lot like Thousand Island or Big Mac special sauce.


The atmosphere was English Pubby, and the scene seemed local. A combination of families and young folks fueling up for the nightlife filled the booths in the small space. They also have a liquor license, so you can have a pint of Viking beer along with your artery-clogging burger. Just skip the breath spray afterwards.

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