Thursday, March 02, 2006

Will You Still Feed Me When I’m 24?

As you may have noticed, I haven’t updated in quite some time. Oh. You haven’t noticed? Well then. This is awkward.

The latter days of February brought about two momentous occasions: my strokeaversary and my 24th birthday.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “strokeaversary,” I’ll explain. You see, three years ago, I “suffered” a stroke. No cause was ever decided upon, which is quite alarming for a young girl celebrating her 21st birthday. That time was for self-induced brain damage from alcohol, not brain damage from “neurological accidents” (what the doctors ended up calling it). Well, point is, I’m 98% recovered now, and I tend to celebrate the anniversary with a party. Hence, the strokeaversary gala!

Foodwise, the strokeaversary mainly consisted of booze. No brain cell goes unharmed here! I also made hummus with paprika spiced pita chips, chocolate chip cookies, butter-spice cookies dipped in chocolate, and a fantastic punch I dubbed “BrainFreeze,” which consisted of frozen raspberries, frozen lemonade, triple sec, and a whole bunch of tequila. ‘Twas great, and ‘twas gone in 60 seconds. (YES! My first Nicolas Cage reference in this blog. Keep your eyes peeled for more, kids!)

My birthday week was a week of nice restaurants and Broadway shows courtesy my mum from Florida. Rather than bore you with details, I’ll try to keep this brief.

2/21- DB Bistro Moderne- I had the cod veiled (sexy way of saying wrapped) in bacon. The bacon was way too overpowering for the cod, but the gnocchi that came with it was great. Q had the famous $30 burger. Imagine the layers of the earth. Short ribs form the core, while fois gras is the mantle and ground sirloin is the crust. This is the tastiest earth science lesson that you’ll ever have. It was pretty good, but Q decided that the burgers at Corner Bistro are better. Afterwards we went to see Doubt. Great play, but we weren’t too keen on Jena Malone.

2/23- We went to see Sweeney Todd, which was fantastic. Can’t recommend this production enough.

2/24- Dinner at Hearth. Excellent! I decided to go here after reading a review over at The Amateur Gourmet. Delicious. I'm so glad I followed the advice of a complete (albeit funny) stranger. I started with the Hamachi with Honeycrisp Apples, Pickled Celery and Coriander, had the Wild Boar Pappardelle with Red Wine and Rosemary as an entrée and ended stealing everyone else’s desserts: Apple Cider Doughnuts, Meyer Lemon Merangue tart, and my favorite, the Milk Chocolate Tart with Semolina Crust and Peanut Brittle Ice Cream. YUM!

Strokes, tequila, theater, friends, family, and great food. All in all, not too shabby a birthday week, I must say!


TheWorstWife said...


your punch=amazing. thank god i got there early enough to experience a couple glasses of it. really, thank GOD. your hummus=garlic love. i wish i'd come there hungry so i could have started eating it before it ended. i think around 3 or 4 i started just eating what was left in the bowl with my fingers. it was that good.

i might not eat bacon, but i sure know better than to wrap cod in it! ugh. poor quentin's heart! that burger!

i didn't know jena malone was in a play.

you love hamatchi.

i totally ate that rabbit thing that they have at the top of their food blog when i went to france in high school. JEEZ all their food looks so good, maybe i will go sometime. remember room or boom or whatever?

krys said...

I wish I had the foresight to take pictures of any of the Strokeaversary food. Oh well. At least I have the booze-addled memories.

The burger was suprisingly not all that amazing for the number of years it took off Q's life.

Oh, jena malone. I'm sure some people liked her, but she just didn't do it for me.

I totally recommend Hearth. Next time you come up we'll go. Also, the drinks are amazingly strong. My mom was a mess.